Life is short. If you have ever dreamed of living on a private tropical island in the South Pacific Ocean, covered in lush coconut palms and tropical plants, cooled by gentle breezes, surrounded by warm shallow turquoise waters, teeming with exotic corals and sea life. Motu Moie, this tropical private Tahiti Island For Sale, could be all yours.

The Islands of Tahiti, makeup the country of French Polynesia. They are a collection of 118 islands and atolls, plus many more islets and motu. These islands are scattered across a nautical surface area the size of Western Europe. The largest island of Tahiti is home to 70% of the country’s population. It is widely excepted that migration from Southeast Asia reached the northern Tahitian island group called the Marquesas in about 500BC. Guided only by the stars, this long trek, approximately 2400 nautical miles, was accomplished in large wooden and fiber outrigger canoes. The Polynesian people gradually made their way south to the Society Islands archipelago, including the largest island of Tahiti.

Motu Moie, Tahitian meaning “far away isle” is a 20 acre private Tahiti island in the country of French Polynesia, often called Tahiti, its largest island. Our motu is a 40 minute flight and short boat ride from the capital city of Papeete. Looking out across the lagoon is the large mountainous island of Taha’a, the mother island of Motu Moie. This island offers most of the amenities of civilization, but still allows us our quiet privacy and solitude.

The island of Taha’a is across the lagoon from our motu. This is where we get our food, gasoline and other necessary supplies. They also have skilled workers who can help with construction and repairs. The village of Patio is directly across the lagoon from us. This is where we shop for most of our needs. The market has a good selection of foods, including fresh local grown vegetables. They also have limited incidental items you may need. The port has a gas station, post office, government office, police station, and French doctor’s office.


Let’s take a walk around our motu, and see what we find. We start from the Living/Dining bungalow, near the motu’s southern tip. Heading northeast a short distance is the boat parking and overwater garage. This is where we keep our 17 ft. Boston Whaler and transport barge. The boats are protected by an aluminum roof, and can be manually raised out of the water with a large wheel. This protects the boats from the weather and keeps any growths from accumulating on their hull.

We proceed along the narrow sand beach surrounding this side of the motu. The water here is ankle to knee deep, and gradually increases in depth further out from the motu. The ocean tide varies only slightly, and even less inside the lagoon around the motu. Palms hang over the edge, and drop occasional coconuts into the water. Wow, take a look over there. 3 black tip sharks are swimming by, their fins sticking up out of the water. We’ve seen them here many mornings. They are small, 3 to 4 feet in length, and are not a threat. Shark injuries are extremely rare, as there is plenty for the sharks to eat in these tropical waters.

As we continue for another 100 yards, we turn gradually to the east. This place is the best view of the sunrise, rising over the lagoon or over Taha’a, depending on the time of year. Looking ahead we can see the reef opening, that allows the current from the open ocean to slowly pass over, bringing nutrients to feed the corals, fishes and other sea life to the garden and lagoon. As we continue walking, the current has removed the sand from the motu’s edge, and we zig zag around the rocks and palms at the waters edge. The coral garden is beautiful. The water is crystal clear, and there are some coral heads that are slightly above the water. Walking out into the garden, the water is waist deep. We marvel at the variety of fish and other sea creatures surrounding us. Returning to land, we proceed toward the reef opening.

We continue walking to where the motu ends at the ancient reef. The reef protects the motu from occasional storms. Stepping up onto the reef, we see small breaking waves about 100 yards out. This is the living reef on the edge of the open ocean. It also helps to protect the motu. Outside this reef is a great place to snorkel and fish for dinner. We’ll leave this for another day. The space between the Ancient and living reefs is usually calm, with a slow current moving through openings and around the motu. Looking to our left, toward the west, we can see the peaks of Bora Bora, about 15 miles away. This is one of the most spectacular views of Tahiti sunsets you will ever see.


We continue walking along the ancient reef, for a short distance, to the next opening that allows current thought to the shallows on the west side of our motu. We walk back and step down to the motu. It’s an easy walk along the waters edge toward the guest bungalows. Passing the bungalows, just before completing our walk, we come across a large sand bar that extends out into the shallow lagoon. This is a natural sand beach created by the currents surrounding our motu. And here we are back at Living/dining bungalow. Time for lunch.

When you first arrive in this Tahitian paradise, the joy is overwhelming. The possibility of you owning this private Tahiti island could certainly change your life. The clean warm air, spectacular sunsets, clear night skies, plus all the sounds sights and feelings of nature make this a perfect alternative of a busy hectic city life. 

The motu ends right up against the ancient coral reef, that helps protect the motu from occasional storms. This reef is about 3 feet above sea level. It is located within the lagoon, on the edge of the protective reef, surrounding the islands of Taha’a and Raiatea. 15 miles from Bora Bora. It is an ideal off the grid location for a private getaway for family and friends, or developed as a luxury island resort.


Motu Moie is a remote Private Tahiti Island paradise, yet close to civilization. The nearby city of Patio on Taha’a, “the vanilla island”, is a 5 minute boat ride, a bit longer by kayak. Here you find shopping for food and supplies, government offices, and French doctor’s office. Traditional Tahitian festivities and events include music and dancing, crafts and canoe races. The Raiatea airport is a 25 minute boat ride from the motu, with daily flights to Papeete, Bora Bora and other islands. The nearby city of Uturoa, is the cultural center and country’s second largest city. Here are most everything you desire, including shops and markets with food and supplies from France and around the world.

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Life Off the Grid in Tahiti on your own private tropical island is a dream come true. Wake up in your luxury palm roofed bungalow, on the edge of the warm turquoise waters of the lagoon surrounding Motu Moie. Start your day with a walk on the reef or dip in the lagoon. After breakfast, maybe some snorkeling, windsurfing, fishing, kayaking, sailing, or just relaxing on your deck, far from the stress of everyday city life. Other activities are close by on Taha’a and Raiatea. There you can visit a pearl farm and vanilla planation, go on a jet ski tour, attend Tahitian music and dance events, or watch outrigger canoe races. And don’t forget- Bora Bora is close by, a short helicopter flight or boat ride away. Adventures are endless.

Worried about the possibility of another world war? Tahiti is one of the best places to live in the event of nuclear war. It is located in the Southern Hemisphere, south of Hawaii, half way between Australia and Peru. This is as far from China, Russia, Iran or the U.S. as you can be, expect for Antarctica (much too cold). For someone with the financial means, Motu Moie, a 20 acre Private Tahiti Island, is far off the grid, and a safe place to be. The island is on a protective reef, in the shallow waters of the lagoon just 1½ miles from the town of Patio, on the island of Taha’a. The Tahitian people are friendly, and the natural environment offers nutrient rich soil for growing crops. The ocean is a garden, teeming with sea life.