Teach dog to surf from Motu Moie, the waves come later
Relax in natural spa of ancient reef near Motu Moie

Motu Moie offers an endless variety of activities, to keep even the most ardent sports enthusiast happy. The sports bungalow includes equipment for snorkeling, windsurfing, kayaking, reef and boat fishing, spearfishing, and sailing. Swimming and walking on the reef are also a relaxing and exciting adventure. The nearby islands offer excursions on land and sea. Bora Bora is close by, for an exciting day trip.


Coral garden of Motu Moie, shown in distance
Snorkeling with GoPro around Motu Moie

Motu Moie offers great snorkeling, for exploring or spearfishing. The area in front of the west bungalows has a few round coral heads with mostly small fish. This is good for beginners, as the water is calm and shallow, and there is little sharp coral. The opposite side is more adventurous, it has a variety of different corals, sea anemone, and fishes. There is an opening here in the ancient reef, and when the conditions are right, the current will gently glide you through the coral garden. Be careful to avoid the staghorn coral. It’s best to wear gloves and try to avoid anything alive or sharp. You will see 100s of fish, in various colors, shapes and sizes. You could even see a black tip shark.


Windsurf the crystal clear waters around Motu Moie, private island for sale
kitesurfing in the shallows around private Tahiti island

Windsurfing from Motu Moie is ideal for the beginner and experienced, depending on the wind velocity, that varies from day to day. The shallow waters surrounding the motu, make it easy to get going- just step up and you’re off. The water stays shallow, with a mostly sandy bottom, for a couple hundred yards toward Taha’a, and a couple miles either way around the neighboring motus. We have a special board and sail for beginners. The more experienced can choose from our boards and sails for different wind conditions. Kite surfing is also big in Tahiti, but you’ll need to bring your own gear, as we haven’t tried that yet.


GoPro view of kayaking in the coral garden near Motu Moie
Aerial view of kayaking route around Motu Moie
learn to kayak in the shallow waters around Motu Moie

Kayaking is great around the motu. Explore the shallow waters around the island and maneuver through the coral gardens and beyond. View the various corals, plants and fishes, through the crystal clear water. Paddle through the opening in the ancient reef, and maneuver around the coral heads out to the living reef. You can continue out to the open ocean, but use extra care. We even take kayaking trips to the local village of Patio for supplies. The trip takes about 30 minutes each way.


Fishing from boat in the Tahaa lagoon near Motu Moie
lagoon fishing in kayak around Motu Moie

Tahiti is one of the best places on the planet for fishing. Deep sea fishing for marlin or just catching diner. Fishing in the shallows surrounding Motu Moie, or in the lagoon surrounding Taha’a and Raiatea. Fish in a boat or kayak, on the reef or from the motu, with a fishing rod or speargun. Tahiti offers the ultimate fishing experience.

Reef Fishing

Casting off the reef for extra excitement
Cast off the reef of Motu Moie

Deep Sea Fishing

Deep sea fishing in Tahiti near Bora Bora
Yahoo catch from Raiatea near Motu Moie
Marlin catch near Bora Bora


learn to sail in shallow waters of Motu Moie
Cruise ship from Hawaii in Tahaa lagoon

Sail around Motu Moie, and the lagoon surrounding Taha’a and Raiatea in your own sailing dinghy, or visit the islands of Tahiti while relaxing on a sailing yacht. Day or week long excursions start in Papeete, and cruise to your choice of destination. Sailing Charters in Tahiti include skipper and crew. Visit exotic Polynesian islands including Bora Bora.

Taha’a Activities

Tahitian dance festival on Tahaa island in French Polynesia
Pearl Farm in lagoon Tahaa, close to Motu Moie
Inter island outrigger canoe races in Taha'a lagoon

The local village of Patio, on the nearby island of Taha’a, is a 5 minute boat ride, a bit longer by kayak. Here you find shopping for necessities, government offices, French doctor’s office, and local grammar school. Traditional festivals and events include music and dancing, crafts, food, and an annual inter island canoe race called Hawaiki Nui Va’a. Discover Tahitian culture with a taxi ride around Taha’a, or visit the local pearl farm.

Raiatea Activities

Excursion around Raiatea
wild horses on Raiatea, no Coronavirus here
Hiking on Raiatea near Motu Moie island for sale
kayaking in Raiatea river near Tahiti island 4 sale

The Raiatea airport is a 25 minute lagoon boat ride from the motu. The city of Uturoa, is the cultural center and Polynesia’s second largest city. Half day tours by jeep or van, will take you around the coast and interior of the island. Explore the jungle interior by guided kayak trip down the Faaroa River. Take a 2.5 mile hike below Mt.Temehani, up to the the waterfall, and take a dip in the natural pool. You can also take a day trip by ferry to Bora Bora, only 15 miles away.