Tropical Dream

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own private tropical island in the South Pacific, covered in lush palms, cooled by gentle breezes, surrounded by warm turquoise waters, teeming with exotic corals and sea life, then your dream could soon come true.

Motu Moie, Tahitian meaning “far away isle” is currently for sale. This 20 acre private island motu is located in the Society Islands of French Polynesia, 90 miles from Papeete and 15 miles from the world famous volcanic peaks of Bora Bora. It is situated on the edge of a tropical reef within the lagoon surrounding the island of Tahaa- “the vanilla island”. The property is ideal for a private get-away, or can be developed as an exclusive luxury resort.

aerial close up of Motu Moie

Change Your Life

Discover the beauty of the Polynesian lifestyle. Explore the unspoiled natural surroundings, fish for your own dinner, and relax on your own coral sand beach. Whether you long for peaceful tranquility or active adventure, far from the stresses of everyday life, this paradise could be all yours- a life changing environment to cherish forever.

sunset from deck of guest bungalow

Life on a Private Island

The current accommodations include owners bungalow, three guest beach bungalows, dining and relaxing bungalow, caretakers house, sports bungalow, and utility buildings. Fresh water is supplied by the islands natural coral filtered well, and electricity for lighting and refrigeration is solar powered. The motu offers an endless variety of activities. The sports bungalow includes equipment for snorkeling, windsurfing, kayaking, fishing, spearfishing, water skiing, and sailing.

guest bungalows on Motu Moie

Local Services

The local village of Patio, on the nearby island of Taha’a, is a 10 minute boat ride, a bit longer by kayak. Here you find shopping for food and necessities, government offices, and French doctors office. Traditional Tahitian festivities and events include music and dancing, crafts, food, and canoe races. French is the official language, but English is taught in the schools, and is widely spoken.

downtown Uturoa, Raiatea in French Polynesia

Fly To Paradise

Flights from Los Angeles and other international cities arrive in Papeete daily. A 40 minute local flight brings you to Raiatea/Tahaa, then a short lagoon boat ride brings you to the Motu Moie. The nearby city of Uturoa, is the cultural center and country’s second largest city. Here you find most everything you desire, including various shops, restaurants, supplies, and community hospital. Markets offer products and food from France and around the world.

Air Tahiti Nui flight


“There are so few places like this, anywhere in the world; and I have been privileged, along with my family, friends and associates to enjoy this beautiful life adventure for 28 years. If Motu Moie might fulfill your dreams of a personal getaway or perhaps an exclusive resort, maybe you should come and take a look.”

sunset from Motu Moie