Watch Videos of Tahiti Island For Sale from above and around Motu Moie, a private tropical island in French Polynesia. Discover the scenery and adventure of this South Pacific island paradise. View aerial video scenes showing the island/motu, and views from around and on the motu. Videos show exterior and interiors of the guest bungalows and living/Dining bungalows plus water sports activities. Watch videos and imagine yourself fishing, kayaking, snorkeling and windsurfing from your own private Tahiti island.

Travel To Tahiti

Private Island For Sale

Look Around Motu Moie

Motu Moie Front Lawn

Living and Dining in Tahiti

Motu Moie Guest Bungalow

Life is Short, You Could Be Here

Windsurfing in Tahiti-Island-For-Rent

Tahiti Deep Sea Fishing

Snorkeling in Coral Garden

Kayaking in Tahiti Coral Garden

Dolphins in Tahiti Lagoon

Tahitian Dance