Motu Moie Living / Dining Bungalow

The Motu Moie Living & Dining Bungalow is ideal for relaxing or entertaining. The design is Tahitian style, with modern conveniences. It includes a fully equipped kitchen with separate room for storage, refrigerator, and freezer. The large open space has a dining table, and comfortable modern furnishings, sofas, chairs, tables and cabinets. Windows surround the bungalow with views of the motu and Taha’a in the distance across the lagoon. The entry is completely open, without doors, with a view across the lawn and the sand bar beach. Other accommodations include guest bungalows, maintenance buildings, a sports bungalow and caretaker house. This beautiful private tahiti island is located in the lagoon surrounding the islands of Taha’a and Raiatea. It is currently for sale as a private getaway or tropical resort location.