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Answers to various questions about the purchase of Motu Moie, available services- phone, water and power, medical services, taxes, accommodations, languages spoken, and more questions you may have.

What is the price of the island/motu?2018-08-14T15:41:13+00:00

Please contact us for price information.

Can the island be owned by a United States citizen?2018-06-13T17:24:14+00:00

Yes, the property and French Polynesia SARL is owned by a U.S. Corporation.

What taxes are paid to French Polynesia?2018-06-13T17:23:26+00:00

Annual property taxes are about $800 USD, and caretaker taxes about $400 per month

Is there a land lease of the island?2018-06-13T17:22:51+00:00

No, the island is owned by the SARL outright.

How are supplies shipped to the island?2018-06-13T17:22:22+00:00

Containers arrive in Papeete from overseas ports, and then transferred by ship to the Tahaa port. Small parcels can be shipped via FedEx, UPS and USPS.

Can the island be developed as a hotel/resort?2018-06-13T17:21:44+00:00

Yes, this would be encouraged by the local government.

Are there medical facilities near by?2018-06-13T17:21:15+00:00

There is a local clinic in Patio, and a hospital in Uturoa.  Complex care is in Papeete.

How many guests can the island accommodate?2018-06-13T17:20:46+00:00

The current 3 guest bungalows can sleep up to 4 people each.

Is there a caretaker?2018-06-13T17:20:08+00:00

Yes, he lives on the motu in his separate house.

Are phone and internet services available?2018-06-13T17:26:19+00:00

Yes, cell phone and internet services are available.

What about power and water?2018-06-13T17:19:08+00:00

Electricity is solar powered.  Water comes from the motu’s own coral filtered well.

What language is spoken?2018-06-13T17:18:40+00:00

French and Tahitian are predominate, and English is also spoken by much of the population, including most businesses and government offices

What is the currency used?2018-06-13T17:18:05+00:00

The local currency is the French Pacific Franc- XPF, that is that is tied to the Euro.

What taxes are paid to French Polynesia?2018-06-13T17:12:41+00:00

Annual property taxes are about $800 USD, which fluctuates with the Euro.

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