Banking in Tahiti is very accessible, and the banks personnel are friendly and helpful to property owners and visitors. Many of the tellers and management also speak English as well as French. The local bank in Patio, Taha’a is Banque Socredo, located across the lagoon from Motu Moie. This bank can handle most banking needs of Motu Moie. Full banking services are available in Uturoa, on the nearby island of Raiatea, or also in Papeete, at Banque de Tahiti, or Banque de Polynesie, that is a subsidiary of world wide bank Society Generale. The local and full service banks can all exchange foreign currency and also have ATM machines.

Tahiti currency is the XPF or French Pacific Franc. The exchange rate varies with the value of the Euro, 100 XPF is approximately equal to 1 USD and 119 XPF is approximately equal to 1 Euro.