Private Tahiti Island

I remember well, seeing Motu Moie for the first time. I had often thought of owning a stretch of beach on a Tahitian island, but this surpassed my wildest dreams. I had arrived at the Raiatea airport, about 30 minutes away, and was picked up by the previous owner. The boat ride took us across to Taha’a, and around to the far side, passing by small villages, inlets, a church and private homes. As we approached through the crystal clear turquoise waters of the lagoon, I new immediately, this was the place meant for me. I tried to stay calm, but my heart was beating faster. Could I actually own part of this amazing Tahitian paradise?

Motu Moie Tahiti Private Island for Sale

First Trip To Motu Moie

My first trip  to Motu Moie started as a tropical vacation. I walked along the far side of the motu, inspired by the natural surroundings, through trees, sand, and water. Reaching the north end, I stepped up onto what I later learned was the ancient protective reef. The view was incredible. Further out, the waves were breaking over the living reef, that extended miles in both directions. To the west were the peaks of Bora Bora. Walking back towards the boat, along the west side, I knew Motu Moie was the place for me. My own Private Tahiti island.

There are few places like this, anywhere in the world, and I have been delighted, along with my family, friends and associates to enjoy this beautiful life adventure. Could this unique property help you as well, to fulfill your dreams of a personal getaway or perhaps an exclusive resort? Maybe you should come and see.