Shopping in Tahiti is easy. The local village of Patio, on the nearby island of Taha’a, is a 5 minute boat ride, a bit longer by kayak. Here you find necessities, government offices, French doctor’s office, and local grammar school and bank. Traditional festivals and events include music and dancing, crafts, food, and canoe races.

The Raiatea airport is a 25 minute lagoon boat ride from the motu, with daily flights to Papeete, Bora Bora, and other islands. The nearby city of Uturoa, is the cultural center and Polynesia’s second largest city. Here you find markets and shops with a wide selection of foods, supplies and services.  Papeete, the country’s capital, offers most everything you need, including a shopping mall, restaurants, hardware and building supplies, and hospitals. Markets and shops offer products and foods from France and around the world.


Local shopping across the lagoon in Patio village has a market with foods and incidental items for basic needs. For a better selection, and more variety, you will need to go to Uturoa, the second largest city in French Polynesia. It is near the airport on Raiatea, about 30 minutes away. There you can find most everything you need, including various shops, markets, restaurants, hardware and building supplies. Beyond that, the capital Papeete has anything else you may desire, from auto dealerships to shopping malls.

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Medical Care

For immediate care, there is a French doctor’s office in nearby Patio.  For more specialized care, there are various medical facilities in Uturoa, Raiatea, including dental, optometrist, and a regional hospital, about 40 minutes away by boat.  More complex care is available in Papeete.

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The local bank in Patio,Taha’a is Banque Socredo. Full banking services are available in Uturoa at Banque de Tahiti, or Banque de Polynesie, a subsidiary of world wide Society Generale.

The currency used in French Polynesia is the XPF.  The exchange rate varies, 100 XPF is approximately equal to 1 USD.

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