Windsurfing in Tahiti is ideal for the beginner and experienced, depending on the wind velocity, that varies from day to day. The shallow waters surrounding the motu, make it easy to get going- just step up and you’re off. The water stays 2-4 feet deep toward Taha’a, with sandy bottom for a couple hundred yards, and a couple miles either way around the neighboring motu.

We have a special board for beginners, with a small sail, that is easy to handle. Beginners stay near the motu where it stays about 2 feet deep. Motu Moie is a great place to learn to windsurf. The more experienced can choose from our boards and sails for different wind conditions.

Kite surfing is also big in Tahiti, but you’ll need to bring your own gear, as we haven’t tried that yet. The photo shown is a friend from France.