Tahiti activities offer an endless variety of adventure, to keep even the most ardent sports enthusiast happy. Island water sports include snorkeling, windsurfing, kayaking, fishing, water skiing, sailing, and swimming. Walking on the reef is both relaxing and exciting. The nearby island offers excursions on land and sea. Guided tours are available to Bora Bora and other exotic destinations.

Snorkling & Diving

Motu Moie offers great snorkeling, for exploring or spearfishing. The area in front of the west bungalows has a few round coral heads with mostly small fish. This is a good place for beginners, as the water is calm and shallow, and there is little sharp coral. There are many areas nearby, within the lagoon and outside the living reef, that offer a variety of different underwater scenery and adventure. Scuba Diving outside the nearby is also great fun.

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Tahiti is one of the best places on the planet for fishing. Deep sea fishing for marlin or just catching dinner- in a boat or a kayak, on the reef, or from the motu, with a rod or speargun. All offer the ultimate fishing experience.

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Windsurfing from Motu Moie is ideal for the beginner and experienced. The shallow waters surrounding the motu, make it easy to get going- just step up and you’re off. The water stays shallow, with a mostly sandy bottom, for a couple hundred yards toward Taha’a, and a couple miles either way around the neighboring motu. We have a special board and sail for beginners. The more experienced can choose from our boards and sails for different wind conditions.

Kite surfing is also big in Tahiti, but you’ll need to bring your own gear, as we haven’t tried that yet.The photo shown is a friend from France.

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Motu Moie has great kayaking adventures. Explore the shallow waters around the island and maneuver through the coral gardens and beyond. View the various corals, plants and fishes through the crystal clear water. Kayaking is also great for fishing.

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More To Do

If the island is a bit too confining for you, there are many nearby places for adventurous hikes and excursions on nearby Taha’a and Raiatea. Day trips around the island include scuba diving, jet ski excursions, visits to a pearl farm. and world famous Taha’a vanilla plantation.

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