Watch Motu Moie Resort Videos. They include viewing the motu bungalows, interior and surrounding areas of the motu, plus island and local activities. This is a 20 acre tropical island / motu, located on the protective reef surrounding the Island of Taha’a, just 15 miles from Bora Bora. Current accommodations include owners bungalow, three guest bungalows, dining and relaxing bungalow, caretakers house, sports bungalow and utility buildings. Fresh water is supplied by the island’s natural coral filtered well, and electricity and hot water by solar power. The buildings can be used by construction workers, while the resort is under construction.

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Motu Moie Front Lawn

Living and Dining in Tahiti

Motu Moie Guest Bungalow

Life is Short, You Could Be Here

Windsurfing in Tahiti-Island-For-Rent

Tahiti Deep Sea Fishing

Snorkeling in Coral Garden

Kayaking in Tahiti Coral Garden

Dolphins in Tahiti Lagoon

Tahitian Dance

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