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Questions and answers about Building a Resort on Motu Moie. What permits are required, Tahiti taxes, currency used, languages spoken, available utilities, and other questions you may have.

What is the price of the island/motu?2019-09-30T14:29:30+00:00

Please contact us for price information.

Can the island be purchased by a United States company or citizen?2019-09-30T14:32:30+00:00

Yes, the island and Tahitian S.A.R.L. are owned by a U.S. corporation.

Is it easy to get a permit to build a resort?2019-09-30T14:33:57+00:00

Yes, Tahiti likes new resorts, as tourism is a major part of the economy.

Is the island a good location to build a resort?2019-09-30T14:34:25+00:00

Yes, Secluded yet nearby civilization, with spectacular views, surrounded by shallow waters and protected by a coral reef.

Are supplies and building materials available locally?2019-09-30T14:36:30+00:00

Yes, much is in nearby Uturoa, and everything needed in Papeete.

Are skilled workers and sub-contractors available?2019-09-30T14:37:05+00:00

Yes, both locally and in Papeete.

Can the existing buildings be used by the workers?2019-09-30T14:37:41+00:00

Yes, accommodations and kitchen facilities can be used by workers.

Are there medical facilities near by?2019-09-30T14:49:10+00:00

Yes, A local clinic in Patio and hospital in Uturoa, complex care in Papeete.

Is there a caretaker?2019-09-30T14:49:39+00:00

Yes, he lives on the island in his separate house.

Are phone and internet available?2019-09-30T14:50:26+00:00

Yes, cell phone and internet services are available.

What about water and power?2019-09-30T14:50:54+00:00

Electricity is solar powered and fresh water from the island’s coral filtered well.

What languages are spoken?2019-09-30T14:51:37+00:00

French and Tahitian are predominate, and English is spoken by many, including at business and government offices.

What currency is used?2019-09-30T14:52:27+00:00

The local currency is XPF- French Pacific Franc, that is tied to the Euro.

What taxes are paid to French Polynesia?2019-09-30T14:52:56+00:00

Current annual property taxes are about $800 USD.

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