Motu Moie, a perfect Tahiti Resort Location, is located in the South Pacific Ocean, halfway between South America and Australia, in the country of French Polynesia, often called Tahiti. It is located within the lagoon surrounding the islands of Taha’a and Raiatea, 15 miles from Bora Bora. It is a 40 minute flight from Papeete, the country’s capital, a 40 minute flight to the city of Uturoa, the cultural center and country’s second largest city, on the island of Raiatea, then a 30 minute lagoon boat ride to the private island of Motu Moie.

map showing the location of Motu Moie Raiatea airport and Bora Bora

Travel to

Flights from the United States and around the world arrive in Papeete daily. The flight from Los Angeles is 8 hours on Air Tahiti Nui, and other international carriers. Once you arrive in Papeete, you transfer to a local 40 minute flight to Raiatea. From the Raiatea airport, it is a 30 minute lagoon boat ride around Taha’a, to Motu Moie by the motu’s caretaker Eli, or by taxi boat. First visitors may wish to take the taxi boat across the lagoon to Raiatea, and then a land taxi around the island to experience the local Tahitian culture. This is a beautiful coastline drive to the village of Patio, just across the lagoon from Motu Moie. From there you can be picked up by Eli, for a short 10 minute boat ride to the motu.

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