Tahiti Resort Shopping For Supplies is easy. The local village of Patio, on the nearby island of Taha’a, is a 5 minute boat ride across the lagoon from Motu Moie. The local market has a selection of food and necessities, that may be needed quickly. The city of Uturoa, on the nearby island of Raiatea, is about 20 minutes away. Markets here have a larger selection of foods, supplies, and other items that may be needed for a resort. For large quantities of supplies needed for the employees and guests of a Motu Moie Resort, they can be shipped via container to the dock on Taha’a. Here they are unloaded, and transferred to the motu. Papeete has markets and shops offering a wide selection of foods and products from France and around the world, including everything needed for a large resort.

Shopping in Patio Taha'a Tahiti

Patio Village Market

Shopping in Uturoa Raiatea

Downtown Uturoa

shopping in Uturoa Raiatea

Market in Uturoa

Shopping in Papeete Tahiti

Papeete Shopping Center

Shopping in Papeete Tahiti

Papeete Market Place

Shopping for hardware in Papeete Tahiti

Papeete Building Supplies