Motu Moie Activities offer an endless variety of watersport adventures, to keep even the most ardent sports enthusiast busy. This Private Tahiti Island For Sale, include snorkeling over the coral garden adjoining the motu, windsurfing and kayaking around the motu or across the lagoon to Tahaa, fishing from the motu, from the outside reef or deep sea fishing for Mahi Mahi and marlin, sailing in your own small boat, plus waterskiing and swimming. The shallow waters around Motu Moie are crystal clear and warm. Walking on the coral reef, that protects the island/motu from occasional storms, is both relaxing and exciting. It is also an excellent place for fishing for your lunch. The nearby islands of Taha’a and Raiatea offer excursions on land and sea. Tour guides can escort you up the trails, near the tops of the islands, where the views are spectacular. A taxi ride around the islands will help you to experience the local culture and meet the friendly Tahitian people. Guided tours are also available to Bora Bora and other exotic destinations. If you are interested in purchasing this tropical paradise, let us know.

Snorkeling around Motu Moie
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