Motu Moie is a privately owned Tahitian Island/Motu, that is currently for sale. It has accommodations for guests and workers while construction is underway for your Motu Moie Island Resort. There are currently four bungalows with bath, and large living room with fully equipped kitchen, all in the Tahitian style. Other buildings include garage with machines and tools for building and repairs, back-up generator building for emergency power, sports bungalow with equipment for snorkeling, fishing, windsurfing, kayaking, sailing, and other activities, and caretaker house. Fresh water is supplied to structures from the islands own fresh water well. Electricity is supplied by solar power. Internet and phone service is also available.

Living Room/kitchen on resort island for sale
Interior of resort guest bungalow
Resort Guest bungalows with ocean view
Luxury Island Resort Living Room
Luxury Island Resort Solar Panels
Luxury Island Resort Sports Bungalow